Carpel Tunnel Post-Op Instructions

Office staff
Our physical Therapy Center
provides complete care.
Post-Op through Week 1

Pain Control

Medication for pain:
Percocet which is a short acting pain medication and taken one or two pills every 3 to 4 hours as needed

We will call you at home the day after your surgery to see how you are doing and to answer any questions you might have.  At that time we will as to set up your follow-up visit if not previously scheduled.

Office Visit

The first Post Operative visit will take place the week following surgery. At that time, sutures are removed, exercises reviewed, and physical therapy, if appropriate, scheduled. Exercises as well as more detailed instructions and return to school or work will be reviewed at that time. 


You can place a garbage bag over your arm securing it with tape or rubber band.  Hold your arm over your head to insure no water runs in.  When your splint is removed and sutures removed you may shower normally.


Adjust your sling to comfort to best support your shoulder. Neck, wrist and arm straps should not be too tight.  Right away (even in the hospital) it is permissible to loosen your sling and bend and straighten your elbow, and fingers. After a day or two you may remove your sling completely or for long periods of time.

1. Release wrist strap and exercise fingers and elbow.
2. When lying down place a pillow behind your elbow for comfort.
3. Begin moving your shoulder, elbow and fingers as soon as possible.

Please call the office if you have temperature greater than 101, degrees difficulty voiding or shortness of breath.  Staining of the dressing is expected.

Printed Information (PDF)

This information is provided by Orthopedic Spine and Sport Medicine Center as basic information about a specific orthopedic topic. It is not intended as a personal reply to your specific questions or concerns. It is hoped that the contents of this instruction will help you understand the nature of your orthopedic problem and the possibilities of treatment. The final decision regarding treatment, however, must take into account the possibilities of outcomes and complications and should be made only after consideration and further discussion with your physician. For more information, please contact Orthopedic Spine and Sports Medicine Center at 201-587-1111.



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