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runnersPhase One

On a quarter mile track

  1. jog ¼ mile
  2. run straight ways ¾ speed, walk corners
  3. Run straights, ¾, full spead, ¾
  4. Then run full out, coast to stop

Phase Two

Progress to Football field: [may use functional ACL Brace]
1. Perform 15 yeard figure “8”s in both directions
2. Reduce figure “8”s to 10 yrds, then 5 yrds.
3. Progress to cariocias, and the cutting left and right down sideline

Phase Three

Start progressive sport specific functionals.

Phase Four

 Return to sports.

Printed Information (PDF)

This information is provided by Orthopedic Spine and Sport Medicine Center as basic information about a specific orthopedic topic. It is not intended as a personal reply to your specific questions or concerns. It is hoped that the contents of this instruction will help you understand the nature of your orthopedic problem and the possibilities of treatment. The final decision regarding treatment, however, must take into account the possibilities of outcomes and complications and should be made only after consideration and further discussion with your physician. For more information, please contact Orthopedic Spine and Sports Medicine Center at 201-587-1111.

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